Working Hard

The middle of October represents a ceremonial finish for us, my wifes birthday is the time where psychologically we feel as though we are done and we kind of begin to wind down fairly quickly and this year we celebrated with a night out Budapest, I set the camera aside and we went on a bit of a trawl through the streets of the big city. We had a great time ambling through the streets but I came across a bit of a bargain that was to good to ignore in a used camera shop on a back street, a pristine Canon 50mm f1.8 II so although it was my wife buffday I thought I would treat myself and I am very much impressed.

I got mine second hand and very cheap but this is a fantastic lens for canon EOR Digital SLR Cameras and for a bucket load less than £100 I am wondering why it took me so long to get one. Ok the build is not great but it is light focuses quickly and is a great deal sharper than any lens than I currently use and the fact that it has an apperture of f1.8 means that it opens up a whole host of new options for me.

As I say work really has taken over at the moment at home but I put my new toy to the test whilst I was out chopping wood over the last couple of days and have come up with some great shots with little effort that have all been accepted by Microstock sites so my new toy is already clawing back some of what I spent on it 😀

My Chopper!

As I mentioned work has been a little tough recently so I have been very quiet here, chopping shifting and stacking a couple of tonne of Akacia wood is not everyones idea of a good time and it bloody hurts but there is a great deal of satisfaction spending a couple of days and generating what you need to keep you warm throughout the cold and harsh Hungarian winters. My hands are now covered in blisters and the occasional cut and my body feels like I have been run over by a bus, but it is feet up time and I will be spending the next 4 or 5 months blissfully relaxing in our rural paradise!

My Chopper!
The opportunity to be able to get shots like this that I have tried on numerous occasions but struggled to get the shutter speed because I would need to either push up my ISO or aperture too high is like striking gold for me and using that smaller aperture means I can get a much shallower DOF blurring my not too pleasing face, hell if a lens can make a picture of me that sells it cannot be all that bad, and I sold a copy of this picture within hours of it going on line yesterday afternoon. Important note: Not all models need to be pretty 😉

Below is a 100% crop showing the level of sharpness of the image straight out of the camera with no sharpening or retouching, click on the image to see the full and uncropped image:

My Chopper!

Canon EF – Lens – 50 mm – f/1.8 II – Canon EF

Royalty Free Images


4 responses to “Working Hard

  1. For a few thousand forint per tonne many wood deliveries will pre-split the wood for you if you ask. Well worth it the price.

    After splitting wood should be stacked and left to dry at least a year before burning. Black locust (known as fehér akác in Hungarian) burns even when it still has a high moisture content, but much of the heat energy is spent evaporating the water in the wood rather than heating your house. And improperly dried wood leaves a lot of soot and creosote in your chimney which is a fire hazard. When properly dried black locust burns very clean and has a heat density of anthracite coal. Also, if you can, debark the wood before burning since about 80% of the ash comes from the bark when burning dry locust. The bark chips make an excellent garden mulch.

    • Thanks for the hints, we always mean to get ahead on the winter wood but never quite get round to it.

      We take a great deal of enjoyment chopping our wood it is a nice end to the year of hard work and it is really rewarding to spend a couple of days chopping wood and drinking beer setting it aside.

      Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

  2. As then no doubt you know how wood warms you twice – first when you cut it up and stack it, and second when you burn it. 😉

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