fresh new approach

As many of you will have noticed I have abandoned my project 365, after taking pictures each and exvery day for a year and a half I had decided that ideas and creativity had stiffled and I could no longer produce stuff that I liked. Not to mention the fact that I was sick to death of using my camera every day, I still am taking pictures and loving it more than ever, infact even more so I am taking pictures on my terms!

So I thought I would treat you lucky people to a bit of a blog, a chance to see what I am shooting and what I am upto on an infrequent basis, and as we have almost finished on the land for this year it also gives me a chance to get it all set up and running how I want it too 😀

As you may have noticed I have given my website a bit of a facelift as well as adding this blog and maybe, just maybe over winter I will be changing my site wholesale, but for now just to prove I am still taking pictures here is something I took in Budapest a couple of wees ago… Just to encourage you to come back of course!

Sunrise at Heroes Square Budapest!

Heroes Square Just as the sun was rising at stupid o’clock in the morning, I took 3 bracketed exposures and merged them together in photomatixpro to get the full gamut of colours in the sky.


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